Yearbook Information

#1 Online Yearbook Sales

To order the 2020 Yearbook, go to JOSTENSYEARBOOKS.COM and click on the "Shop Yearbooks" button. Enter Fort Jennings, and follow the prompts from there. Yearbooks are $45 , which includes personalization. The cover can be personalized for no charge, including the student's name or a short phrase. There are also several options for additional cost, if parents are interested. They will pay online through the Jostens website.

#2 The Yearbook Staff needs your photos -- students, staff & parents! We are working on putting an amazing book together, but we need your help!

We are seeking more photos of the following subjects:

    • Homecoming Dance
    • Scholastic Bowl
    • Band, Choir or Music events
    • Peter Pan Musical (I am not sure if this can be a page yet, I would like to include it - but I have to see what we have to work with)
    • Pep Band
    • High School Field Trips
    • Blood Drive
    • Student Council (Decorating halls, Prepping for dances, any activities! We have photos of the appreciation days, but few of other events)
    • Favorite carry out during the stay-at-home order
    • Outdoor activities during the stay-at-home order
    • Chores/Around the House during the stay-at-home order


- Email all photos to with a subject of "Yearbook photos"

- When taking photos --follow all current social distancing guidelines.

- Photos must be in JPG format

- No screenshots - please save photos to your phone if they are on social media

- Photos must be clear - no blurry, no dark, no dimly lit photos please

- At least one FJ student must be in the photo

#3 - 2020 in Twenty Words or Less

      • This is open to all Jennings students and staff. If published, your name will be listed with this item in the Yearbook.
      • Not all submissions will be published in the Yearbook
      • Students/staff must be logged into their Jennings Google Account to submit. If you cannot log in to your student's Jennings Google account, you can also email me their name, grade level, and twenty words or less to
      • Submit your 2020 in Twenty Words or Less here

#4 Additional Senior Items: (These items will be accepted through Wednesday, May 13)

    • Additional Senior Will - if you did not submit one already, please consider doing so. We need a few more!
    • Additional Senior Remember When- if you did not submit one already, please consider doing so. We need a few more!
    • Photos for the Senior Superlatives. Seniors were sent an individual email notifying them of the category they were voted best/most/worst in, and we are asking for a photo highlighting the category/categories they won. These photos can be emailed to (Jpg files only please, make sure "Yearbook photos" is in the email subject)
    • Seniors have also been asked to submit a "What you are missing the most?" about these last couple months of senior year. This can be just text, or you are welcome to submit a photo to go with it if you'd like. This item is optional, but appreciated!
    • Photos of senior student life (inside/outside of school) from throughout this school year. These photos can be emailed to me at (Jpg files only please, make sure "Yearbook photos" is in the email subject)
    • Photos of seniors in their future college gear or in their future work apparel