Yearbook Information

#1 Online Yearbook Sales

To order the 2020 Yearbook, go to JOSTENSYEARBOOKS.COM and click on the "Shop Yearbooks" button. Enter Fort Jennings, and follow the prompts from there. Yearbooks are $45 , which includes personalization. The cover can be personalized for no charge, including the student's name or a short phrase. There are also several options for additional cost, if parents are interested. They will pay online through the Jostens website.

#2 Grad Ads

Senior parents can still submit their Grad Ad online to Mrs. Hedrick.

1) submit your Grad Ad info into this online form

2) Make a $20 check payable to Fort Jennings High School, and mail it to Fort Jennings High School, Attn: Mrs. Hedrick- Yearbook, #1 Musketeer Drive PO Box 98, Fort Jennings OH 45844

3) Email a picture of your grad to

4) Grad ad text and pictures must be submitted, and payment must be mailed- all by Friday, April 3rd

#3 Reminder to Seniors and parents to send pictures and information in for Yearbook

Mrs. Hedrick is still collecting the following pictures for the 2020 Yearbook. When emailing, please indicate what section each picture is for. Pictures can be emailed to

1) Baby pic of your senior for Baby Pictures pages

2) "Now & Then" picture of your senior (and friends) - picture from the past, could be childhood, junior high, or any other time. We may not be able to recreate the "now" part, but would like to have the "then" in the yearbook.

3) Grad ad and pic. Here is the link to submit Grad Ads online Directions are on the form. $20 payment must be mailed to school.

4) Seniors were sent an email on 3/17 that allowed them to submit Directory Information, Senior Will, Remember When and Quotes online Many Seniors turned this information in on the paper copy already, this form is for anyone who didn't submit some or all of the information yet.

5) All other senior information and pictures must be submitted by Friday, April 3rd