Athletic Complex Enhancement Project

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Project Overview

The Jennings Local School District will provide a unique experience for our student-athletes to start their young athletic careers on the east and west side of campus on the community baseball fields and soccer fields with a natural progression to the High School fields in the center of campus. 

The Gateway will give students, athletes, fans, and community members unique access to the Sports complex including the existing track, soccer field, concession stand, and new baseball diamond. 

New high school baseball field will provide the HS team with a field located in close proximity to the school building, athletic complex locker rooms, concession stand, equipment storage and emergency shelter. 

Project Features

The project’s gateway will be the centerpiece of the athletic complex connecting the school’s athletic fields, concession stand and the community soccer and baseball fields. 

Complex plans include the following features:

Financial Information

Benchmark #1: $20,000 - Proposed to MAB

Benchmark #2: $325,000 - Private Donations

Benchmark #3: $500,000 - Private Donations

Total Project Cost: $825,000

Note - All values are educated estimates. Actual costs will be determined once the bid process is complete