Annual Notices

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In accordance with federal civil rights law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), disability, age, or reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity.

Program information may be made available in languages other than English. Persons with disabilities who require alternative means of communication to obtain program information (e.g., Braille, large print, audiotape, American Sign Language), should contact the responsible state or local agency that administers the program or USDA’s TARGET Center at (202) 720-2600 (voice and TTY) or contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339.

To file a program discrimination complaint, a Complainant should complete a Form AD-3027, USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form which can be obtained online at:, from any USDA office, by calling (866) 632-9992, or by writing a letter addressed to USDA. The letter must contain the complainant’s name, address, telephone number, and a written description of the alleged discriminatory action in sufficient detail to inform the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights (ASCR) about the nature and date of an alleged civil rights violation. The completed AD-3027 form or letter must be submitted to USDA by:


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


Annual Notices

Listed below is the updated List of Postings and Notices for the 2024-2025 school year. Postings and

notices are identified as either ‘Required by Law’ or ‘Recommended by Board Policy or District AGs’.

Please note that this is a partial list. As you developed your District's policies and guidelines you may

have included additional notices and postings.

Required by Law

___ Name and telephone number of Civil Rights Compliance Officer in student handbooks and

District web site (see Generic Student Handbook, Policy 5517, or Form 2260 F2 and Form

2260.01A F3)

___ Title IX Coordinator’s(s’) contact information, including name(s) and/or title(s), phone number(s),

office address(es), and e-mail address(es) – and Policy 2266 – Nondiscrimination on the Basis of

Sex in Education Programs or Activities on the District’s website and in each handbook or

catalog that the Board makes available to applicants for admission and employment, students,

parents or legal guardians of elementary and secondary school students, Board employees, and

all unions or professional organizations holding collective bargaining or professional agreements

___ Nondiscrimination in education (see Policy 2260) – newspapers, course catalogs

___ Nondiscrimination in employment - staff handbooks, newspapers (see Policy 1422/3122/4122)

___ Genetic Information Nondiscrimination posting and Safe Harbor notification (see

Policy 1422.02/3122.02/4122.02)

___ Annual review of the District/School Parent and Family Engagement Policy (see Policy 2111)

and the District’s plan and each school’s plan using evaluation findings to improve effectiveness

___ Parent and Family Engagement Policy must be reviewed and approved annually and distributed

to parents of children receiving Title I services (see Policy 2111/2261.01)

___ Review and update, as necessary, Career Advising Policy at least once every two (2) years.

Make available to students, parents/guardians/custodians, and local postsecondary institutions,

residents of the District, and post on the District web site (see Policy 2413)

___ Parent's right to request educational program and professional qualifications of teacher and

applicable paraprofessional assigned to provide instruction (see Policy 3120/4120)

___ Copy (to each student’s parent) of student’s diagnostic assessment, assessment results, and

accompanying documents used in the assessment (see Policy 2623.02)

___ Results of the diagnostic assessments administered submitted to Department of Education and

Workforce (DEW) (see Policy 2623.02)

___ Results of the kindergarten readiness assessment submitted to the Department of Children &

Youth (see Policy 2623.02)

___ Directory information on students (see Form 8330 F9) or Generic Student

Handbook)  student/parent handbook, District newsletter, and/or local media

___ Drug prevention memorandum to parents (see Form 5530 F2 or Generic Student

Handbook)  student/parent handbook, District newsletter, or direct mailing

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(2024 - 2025)

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Required by Law (cont’d)

___ Written statement describing the District’s bullying policy (including cyberbullying) (see Policy

5517.01) and the consequences for violations of the policy sent to each student’s custodial


___ Copy of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports and Limited Use of Restraint and Seclusion

Policy (see Policy 5630.01) to all parents annually and published on District website; annual

report to DEW regarding use of restraint and seclusion

___ Memorandum to staff on Federal drug regulations (see Form 3122.01 F3/4122.01 F3) - pay

envelopes or direct mailing

___ Submit summary reports of alcohol and controlled substances testing results as required by the

Secretary of Transportation, any Department of Transportation (DOT) agency, or as required by

law (see Policy 4162)

___ Copy of educational materials and a drug-free awareness program for each CDL license holder

and other qualified employees who perform safety-sensitive functions (see Policy 4162)

___ Staff acknowledgement of information concerning toxic hazards (see Form 8431 F4) - staff

orientation prior to the start of school

___ Request for or waiver of vaccination for Hepatitis B (see Form 8453.01 F1 or F4) - new staff

orientation prior to the start of school

___ Acknowledgement of training in blood-borne pathogens (see Form 8453.01 F2) – new staff

orientation prior to the start of school; annual training for identified staff

___ Notification of pesticide application at times of application (see Policy 8431/AG 8431A)

___ Physician, and possibly parent, authorization for each staff member and any student who may

be using a respirator (see Form 7430 F1, F2, and F3) – direct contact with appropriate staff

members and mailing to appropriate parents

___ Rules regarding entry on school grounds or premises by persons other than students, staff, and

faculty (see Policy 9150) – at or near the entrance to school grounds or premises and at the

main entrance to each school building

___ Notice (prior to start of school year) to each enrolled student and his/her parent(s) of procedures

to be used to notify parents in the event of an emergency or a serious threat to safety (see

Policy 8400 and Policy 8420)

___ Notification to parent/guardian of student absence within 120 minutes of start of school day (see

Policy 5200)

___ Student privacy and parental access to information including surveys, analyses, and evaluations

(see Policy 2416 and Form 8330 F9) – notice to parents – special note: Policy 2416 also

requires notification of any substantive changes to this policy as well as the schedule of any

upcoming “activities” (surveys, etc.)

___ Notice of nonemergency invasive physical examinations (see Policy 5310 and Form 8330 F9) –

if such exams occur, notice to parents

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(2024 - 2025)

© NEOLA 2024

Required by Law (cont’d)

___ Notification to public regarding inspection of instructional materials (see Policy 2416,

Policy 5780, Policy 9130, and Form 9130 F4) – notice of rights to inspect instructional materials

___ Notice of opportunity for parents to review textbooks, reading lists, instructional materials, and

academic curriculum used in the District

___ Provide information about the College Credit Plus (CCP) Program prior to February 1st to all

students enrolled in grades six (6) through eleven (11) and their parents (see AG 2271)

Post CCP program information on District website, including the details of current agreements

with partnering IHEs, potential exposure to mature subject matter and materials, and Selective

Service System registration requirement

___ Parents’ rights to inspect, review and request amendments to student educational records

(see Policy 8330 and Form 8330 F9)

___ Address where parents and students can file a complaint if they believe their rights under Federal

law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment) have

been violated (see Form 8330 F9)

___ Posting of tobacco prohibition in accordance with R.C. 3794.06

___ Prohibition on carrying a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance in a school safety zone –

paragraph from Policy 3217/4217/5772/7217 – conspicuously posted at each entrance of a

school or building and in areas inside the building where visitors are required to report; at each

entrance leading into a school activity (particularly those activities held outside of the school

building) and parcel of land; in each school bus and other Board owned vehicle, including a

school van

___ Notify the public, using regular channels of communication if the Board has authorized one (1) or

more persons to go armed within a school operated by the Board; submit current list of qualified

individuals authorized to carry weapons to the Ohio School Safety and Crisis Center (OSSCC)

(Department of Public Safety)

___ Posting and Distribution of Public Records Policy (see Policy 8310); approve and submit signed

Records Retention Schedule State Archives and State Auditor’s Office (see AG 8310A)

___ Employee Rights & Responsibilities under FMLA (see Policy 1630.01/3430.01/4430.01)

Check for current forms on U.S. Department of Labor website -

___ Employee notification of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

(USERRA) rights and benefits – Federal law posters should include this information

___ Participant notification (by group health plan) of privacy practices to each new health plan

participant upon enrollment and every participant within sixty (60) days of a material revision to

the notice (see AG 1619.01/3419.01/4419.01)

___ Notification of valid license confirmation prior to employee payment

___ Employee notification of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rights (see Policy 6700); Minimum

Wage Notification; Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) – Federal law posters include this


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(2024 - 2025)

© NEOLA 2024

Required by Law (cont’d)

___ Employee notification of “rebuttable presumption” (see Policy 3170/4170) – notification that the

results of, or the employee’s refusal to submit to, an alcohol or other drug test may affect the

employee’s right to receive workers’ compensation benefits – posting document provided by the

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

___ Annual review of District Professional Development Plan (see Policy 3220 and Policy 3223)

___ Annual report of State certification and licensure status for every teacher and applicable

paraprofessional (see Policy 3120/4120)

___ Annual report to DEW regarding teacher evaluation utilizing DEW-prescribed guidelines (see

Policy 3220)

___ Annual report to DEW regarding the procurement of asthma inhalers (see Policy 5330.03)

___ Annual report to DEW, by December 31, information prescribed by DEW regarding students with

diabetes (see Policy 5336)

___ Annual review and update of Student Assessment and Academic Intervention policy (see

Policy 2623)

___ Annual report to the State Board of the number of students who have not taken one (1) or more

of the State-mandated tests

___ Report required information regarding student attendance/absence and absence intervention

team actions to the DEW in a format and manner determined by the Department (see Policy


___ Report to the DEW the number of students attending a school in the District that is not the school

to which the student would normally be assigned to attend

__ Written notification to all designated staff regarding Standards of Ethical Assessment Practice

and Assessment Security Procedures (see AG 2623D)

___ A copy of Ohio’s Ethics Law to all new employees within fifteen (15) days of employment

___ Information about the Ohio fraud-reporting system (Auditor of State) and the means of reporting

fraud to each new employee at the time of employment

___ A minimum of two (2) food safety inspections per school year; posting of most recent inspection


___ Review adopted Emergency Management Plans (EMPs) and certify in writing to the Ohio

Department of Public Safety (ODPS) that the EMPs are current and accurate. Submit an

electronic copy of each EMP developed and adopted to ODPS and specified local law

enforcement and related agencies not less than once every three (3) years (see Policy 8400)

___ Conduct mandatory fire drills (at least six (6)) and school safety drills (at least three (3)); provide

advance written notice and follow-up certification of such drills to firefighting/law enforcement

agencies having jurisdiction

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(2024 - 2025)

© NEOLA 2024

Required by Law (cont’d)

___ Annual report to the Board detailing all rewards received based on the use of the District’s credit

card account

___ Annual review and report to the Board regarding District Wellness Policy; assessment of the

policy at least once every three (3) years, with results published (see Policy 8510)

___ File Business Advisory Council plan with the DEW and file with the DEW compliance statement

by March 1st each year

Required Posting

___ Policy and guidelines on sexual and other forms of harassment (see Policy 1662, Policy 2266,

Policy 3362, Policy 4362, and Policy 5517)

___ Policy 2266 – Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities (Title IX)

training materials

___ Title IX training materials must be posted to the District’s website

___ Policy on bullying/aggressive behavior toward students (including cyberbullying) (see Policy


___ Report on verified incidents of harassment, intimidation or bullying (including cyberbullying)

(semi-annual) (see Policy 5517.01)

___ Notice of use of video surveillance/electronic monitoring of school facilities (see Policy 7440.01)

___ Code of conduct/student discipline code

___ Warning regarding steroids (see revised notice AG 5530A) (must be posted in locker rooms of

school buildings with students in grades 7 or above)

___ Removal, suspension, expulsion and permanent exclusion of students (see Policy 5610 and

Policy 5610.01)

___ Suspension of bus riding/transportation privileges (see Policy 5610.04)

___ Prohibition from extra-curricular activities (see Policy 5610.05)

___ Due process rights (see Policy 5611)

___ Locker searches (see Policy 5771)

___ Handicapped Access (Policy 9160)

___ Meal charge procedures (see AG 8500D); copy to all households at the start of the school year

and to transfer/new enrollees during the school year

___ Standardized test results released to parents via mail or email or, alternatively, posted to a

secure portal that families can access on the District's or school’s website, by June 30 th (see

Policy 2623 and AG 2623A)

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(2024 - 2025)

© NEOLA 2024

Recommended by Board Policy or District’s AG’s

___ Post information about enrollment requirements and procedures

Access to such information shall be available on the District’s web site (Policy 5111)

___ Emergency medical authorization - Students (see Form 5341 F1) - send home or direct mailing

___ Emergency medical authorization – Staff (see Form 1460 F1/3160 F1/4160 F1) – back-to-school

orientation or school memo; keep in office and/or personnel files

___ Parent signatures authorizing student early dismissal (see Form 5230 F1) and access to student

records (see Form 8330 F4) – send home or direct mailing

___ Denial of Permission to Release Student Directory Information to Military Recruiters (see Form

8330 F9a)

___ Parent/student acknowledgement of risk when participating in interscholastic athletics (see

Form  2431 F1/F2) - during sign-up or send home

___ Parent/student acknowledgement of receipt of concussion and head injury information as

prepared by the Ohio Department of Health (see Form 2431 F1/F2)

___ Annual review and report to the Board regarding Food/Nutrition Services Policy and program

___ Blanket authorization by parents for child to go on trips associated with a co-curricular or extra-

curricular activity such as football, band, etc. (see Form 2340 F2/F2A) – during signup or send


___ Notice to Parents Regarding Waiver of Fees (see Policy 6152.01)

___ Verification of insurance coverage for student accidents (see Form 8760 F1) – during sign-up or

send home

___ Parent notification regarding blood-borne pathogens (see Form 8453.01 F5 - District newsletter

or student/parent handbook)

___ Reminders to staff on student supervision/health/safety matters (see Policy/AG 3213/4213)

___ Board policy on zero tolerance, violence, disruptive behavior, and excessive

truancy  student/parent handbook

___ Designation of District-approved social media platforms/sites

April 16, 2020 Board Meeting - Review the current use and future needs of Federal Funds as follows: Spec Ed IDEA Part B; Early Childhood IDEA – Preschool Special Ed 

FERPA Notice - Student Info Release

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is a defendant in a federal lawsuit. Our school district is not a party in the lawsuit. It has come to our attention that ODE will be releasing personal information about our students, and we want to ensure that you are aware of this release so you can take any steps you find appropriate. While the district has no legal power to stop this release, please be assured that per the court order student names, addresses, and Social Security numbers will not be part of what ODE releases. Please review the notice from ODE and direct any questions regarding this matter to the Ohio Department of Education at 877-644-6338.